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Mosquito repellent, reduces pain, swelling and itching
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For Adrenal support and Stress relief
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Blog posts

  • Detox — A must for cleansing your body
    April 14, 2022 Herbasanté CA

    Detox — A must for cleansing your body

    If you’re looking for an energy boost, it may be time to recharge from within. Remember, you are what you eat, so consider a complete body detox.  According to the World Health Organization, one quarter of diseases are the result...

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  • DHA : An indispensable for our small ones
    February 17, 2022 Herbasanté CA

    DHA : An indispensable for our small ones

    Difficulty concentrating, mood swings? Have you considered omega-3 with its high concentration of DHA? Has your child been having difficulty concentrating and remembering, showing signs of anxiety when doing homework or having trouble falling asleep on school nights? If you’re...

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  • When skin speaks
    January 17, 2022 Herbasanté CA

    When skin speaks

    Did you know?  Among children with atopic dermatitis, 45% will develop it before six months of age, 60% by age 1, 85% by age 5, and 40% once they reach adulthood. The skin serves as barrier to protect our bodies from...

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